You know the power of video marketing, but need help telling your story in an authentic and compelling way?

Our team guides you through our 3-step creative process, resulting in video content to inspire and move to action. 


Philip Henry, director and editor

Philip grew up in Nashville, TN, where he wrote scripts, made movies, created flight simulators, and composed music from a wee age. Years later, he would formally study film in LA and editing in Brooklyn at The Edit Center.

In 2016 Philip won an Emmy award for his work editing the short documentary "Roy Williams' Game Day Security Blanket."

When he's not working, he's thinking about Disney World, filmscores, podcasts, old hymns, Halloween, exploring Brevard's beautiful forests, IPAs and ambers, and of course, the hidden art: editing!



MacKenzie Henry, business development

MacKenzie has been producing commercial documentaries for 7 years. After a career in brand management, sales and marketing, MacKenzie brings a unique understanding of "brand personality" to our projects. 

While in college MacKenzie worked in the development office at Wyoming Public Radio. Listening to her colleagues interview their news subjects gave MacKenzie a first-hand education at interview style, which is the foundation of our documentaries.  It also ensured she's a life-long NPR fan!

She loves playing with her kids and dog Charlie, local IPA, working in the dirt, Christmas, sunny hikes, reading in the bathtub, and summers in Maine. MacKenzie is passionate about Montessori methods for early childhood and is currently pursuing her Montessori teaching certification. 

Thomas C. Webb – Lighting, Camera, and Producer

Thomas C. Webb is an award-winning filmmaker who has dedicated his life to waking up at 3am to capture a beautiful sunrise and enduring -30-degree temperatures to grab the perfect shot. Thomas will do whatever it takes to bring the client’s vision to life. For nearly a decade, Thomas has been practicing the art of filmmaking, which has given him the opportunity to travel all across the United States telling impactful stories.

Currently residing just outside of Asheville, North Carolina with his two kids and wife, Thomas is happy to call western N.C. his home.


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